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Trauma Therapy Including Sexual Abuse

Working extensively with trauma survivors for 10 years, I understand the shame and fear that contribute to difficulty in seeking treatment, including the first call to a therapist asking for help.

Trauma Symptoms

You may be unsure if you have experienced trauma. As you reflect on your childhood experiences, you may feel hurt and pain that you think may be related to trauma. Types of trauma experienced include sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, divorce, frequent moving, having a parent that is an addict, war, being a victim of a crime or severe accident, or death of a loved one. Many people judge traumas as "worse" or "not as bad" as other traumas, based on perceived severity of the event. The truth is that trauma deeply impacts people, and comparing your trauma to someone else's is not helpful.

As a survivor of trauma, you have scars and wounds in your heart and in your mind that can be devastating, limiting your ability to function in various areas of your life. You may be suffering from intrusive thoughts, nightmares, feeling as if you are-experiencing the trauma, phobias or fears related to the trauma, feeling numb or unable to have full range of feelings, or avoidance of discussing the trauma.

Trauma Treatment

Through specialized training including participating in workshops and other professional experiences, I incorporate the latest research on the effects of trauma on the brain, and the impacts of trauma on relationships, into the treatment process. My passion for helping trauma survivors inspires me to continue seeking additional training, which allows me to bring a unique depth of understanding to your trauma treatment. Beyond book knowledge and education, you will experience my gentle and encouraging approach and personality that allow you to feel safely held and contained as you courageouly take steps along your healing journey. My goal is to walk beside you as you discover hope for your future, and freedom from the bondage that has held you back from thriving and experiencing joy in your present life.

Together, we will work with the symptoms that present themselves. We will carefully attend to where you experience symptoms in your body. A goal is to keep you within the window of tolerance, which means that I will guide the treatment to keep you from feeling overwhelmed by the therapeutic work.

Contact me today to begin breaking free from the pain you are carrying.

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