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Family Therapy And Parenting Support

Divorce, remarriage, death, sibling conflict, birth of a sibling, moving, parent/adolescent or parent/child conflict are just some of the many reasons you may be considering or seeking family counseling. When working with a family, I may recommend and refer a family member for individual therapy, in order to enhance the effectiveness of family therapy. Often times, a child or adolescent acting out with educational or legal consequences brings family members to a crisis point where parents seek the assistance of a therapist to examine the role of the family in their child or adolescent's behavior. I provide support for parents in more effectively guiding and leading as role models, so that their child or adolescent may begin to make healthier choices. I encourage parents while assisting them in finding ways to work as a team with their children to shape their ability to cope with educational, social, and developmental stressors, and to navigate situations with appropriate awareness of the consequences of their behavior. My goal is to increase trust between parents and children or adolescents. I assist parents and children or adolescents in beginning to collaboratively develop ways that trust can be earned, and discovering that trust comes as a consequence of making healthy choices.

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