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Adolescent Therapy

Adolescent years bring major shifts for both teens and parents. Intense emotions can easily erupt into arguments that quickly escalate and deepen divides between family members. Whether I am providing treatment to teens, their parents, or both, my goal is to provide a neutral ground and safe environment where difficult topics can be approached and discussed, including differences in ideas around important topics such as balancing a growing need for independence with healthy limits and loving boundaries. Over time, many parents and adolescents have developed unhealthy communication patterns where defensiveness manifests or presents itself as walls or verbal aggression, including inflammatory remarks. I am here to help you take down the walls and calm the verbal aggression, so that the love between each family member can emerge in the therapy room and then the home. Frequently, I work with parents who did not experience healthy parenting examples in their families of origin. Drawing on my over a decade of experience, I am here to partner with you while finding solutions to seemingly insurmountable challenges raising adolescents and preparing them for adulthood.

Taking the step of contacting me today is the beginning of a new road of hope in your relationship with your teenager.

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