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About Me

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with 11 years of experience, specializing in trauma, teen / adolescent, young adult, couples, and faith-based therapy. I maintain a private practice in the San Fernando Valley community of Encino.

My approach grows out of my passionate belief in the transformative power of relationships. I believe that our early relational experiences significantly impact our future relationships. They influence our ways of viewing ourselves and others.

Connecting with a compassionate therapist, you can heal from the pain of your past, and then open the door of possibility to more gratifying connections with others. A secure, healthy relationship with a therapist is a starting point for building desired healthy relationships in other areas of your life. Together, we will work to increase your sense of well-being, so that you may navigate life's challenges without regressing toward old, self-defeating behaviors.

Drawing on my experience and abilities, I offer a unique atmosphere of safety, trust, acceptance, and compassionate exploration. I believe that safety & trust in the therapeutic relationship are the most important factors in determining the outcome of therapy. I am deeply committed to providing an environment where you feel safe to uncover the hidden and tender places in your heart, while partnering with you towards deep emotional healing, growth, & lasting change. I create an atmosphere of acceptance, so that you may begin to value yourself & discover your true identity.

I have devoted my professional development to creating a therapeutic experience in which the wounds & scars you carry in your heart can heal, bringing forth freedom & wholeness that previously felt out of reach. Although I identify with the Christian faith, my practice is not limited to Christians.

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Located in Encino

Near Corner of Ventura Blvd. & Balboa Blvd.

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